Restaurant Review: RA Sushi in Marina del Rey

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RA Sushi Offers Creative Sushi and Inventive Cocktails

Southern California is a haven of sorts for sushi lovers.  In every town you can find dive sushi joints, middle of the road sushi bars, and high end sushi restaurants.  On some streets you will find three or four sushi places within walking distance.  You can usually even find a sushi section in your local supermarket.  We Californians do indeed love our sushi.  Most of us even have a secret spot for happy hour sushi that we keep close to the chest.

For all sushi lovers that can relate, if you’ve never been to RA Sushi in Marina del Rey, you have a pleasant surprise waiting for you.  RA is well known for its creative sushi and inventive cocktails.  In addition to the traditional offerings, RA Sushi has a vast array of interesting options.


The appetizers are as diverse a selection as you can find.  The menu has Tuna Tataki, Garlic Ponzu Yellowtail, Agedashi Tofu, Chicken Fried Rice, or even Wings with a selection of teriyaki, chili ponzu or sesame garlic sauces.  The Pineapple Cheese Wontons have pineapple and cream cheese wrapped in a crispy wonton, and are served with a roasted pineapple dipping sauce.  


RA Sushi also has a great selection of Specialty Rolls.  Some of the names are as unique as the flavorful ingredients inside.  My all-time favorite at RA is the ‘RA’llipop. 


In this roll, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and spicy tuna mix with lettuce, asparagus and cucumber.  It’s then wrapped in lobok, and served with garlic ponzu sauce.  The Mango Lobster Roll is another great choice.  Lobster is rolled with avocado and cucumber, and topped with grilled pineapple, sweet eel sauce, pineapple sauce, and sautéed nuts.  You can also get rolls with names such as a Toosy Maki, a Zonie Roll, and a Crazy Monkey Roll.  For now, I’ll leave those to your imagination.

There are so many excellent and delicious choices.  And it just became more difficult to choose, because RA has recently rolled out some extraordinary new dishes that will only be available for a limited time.

The new seasonal menu includes four new food items, and five new drink options. The Lobster Dynamite is a different take on a dynamite.  Freshly chopped lobster is baked on top of fried rice cakes, then topped with eel sauce and green tempura bits.


The Apple Teriyaki Salmon features grilled salmon covered in a Fuji apple teriyaki sauce, and served with the most delicious wasabi mashed potatoes.


The Tuna 2 Roll combines a spicy albacore tuna mix, rolled with avocado and cucumber, sliced and topped with more spicy tuna tartare, and then accented with cilantro and jalapenos.

Finally, RA is offering the ultimate in comfort food.  The Udon Soup is a mouthwatering combination of grilled chicken, onions, mushrooms, carrots, bok choy, snow peas, and udon noodles all combined in a seasoned broth.  It’s topped with green onions and served in a cast iron pot. 

The new drink menu is just as remarkable.  You can choose from a Cherry Sparkler, which fuses Three Olives Cherry Vodka and PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur, and is topped with Lunetta Prosecco.  The Pomegranate Mojito is my new favorite.  It’s a mix of Bacardi Light Rum and PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur, and is muddled with fresh limes and mint leaves.


You can also try a Mio Sparkling Sake, and a Ty Ku Coconut Nigori Sake.  Finally, the Chocolate Martini is divine.  It combines Baileys Irish Cream, White Creme de Cacau, and vanilla vodka, and is served in a sugar-rimmed glass that has been drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Speaking of desserts (were we?), RA Sushi is offering one of the most unique, inventive, and delicious desserts I’ve ever seen in a Sushi Restaurant.  It’s called a Banana Split Maki.  It’s a banana fried with chocolate chips, wrapped in a wonton wrapper, topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream, and drizzled with raspberry and chocolate sauces.  Delicious!!


RA Sushi also just recently rolled out a new brunch menu that sounds compelling.  One of the featured items is a Bloody Mary Roll, which combines shrimp, bacon, celery, asparagus, tomato, and cucumber, all rolled in nori and rice.  Another brunch item is the Tamagoyaki, which is RA’s spin on a Japanese omelet. You can also try a Smoked Salmon Tamago Roll, which is a form of Japanese omelet paired with smoked salmon and asparagus.

RA’s Premium Bloody Mary is a drink and a meal all in one.  The Bloody Mary is infused with wasabi, and combined with vodka, sake, and crushed cucumber.  Then a skewer of shrimp, bacon, celery and asparagus is added, and the entire drink/meal is topped with olives and tomato. 

RA Sushi offers everything we love about sushi.  It’s unique, inventive, fresh, and delicious, and you can opt for traditional or outrageous.  Add a delicious drink and an amazing dessert, and you have a complete experience.  It’s just one more thing to love about Marina del Rey, California.

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